How my life has changed....


So the other day I got one of those “on this day” messages from Facebook and the above photo came up. I think it’s 4 or 5 years ago that this photo was taken. In that time I have moved back to London from Dublin, ended up with a way more labour intensive job and had a kid. It is four to say my life has changed. 

The above photo put that more starkly into context than most things. Firstly I had a a whole fucking room for my music hobby, these days I just about have one side of the bed to myself and that’s it. I knew at the time of this photo that my life would change in the future and I should do stupid stuff whilst I still could, mostly that manifested itself as buying stupid music stuff I didn’t need. Above you will see many cool things: an MPC 1000, a Mac Pro, an Octatrack (still have it and use it) and last but not least a MIDI guitar. Yes, a fucking MIDI guitar.  

If memory recalls I bought it for my 30th birthday as a real treat to myself. I have always struggled with keyboards as a midi input device as I never learnt how to play the piano I was a guitar player by training so thought that a midi guitar would be the answer. It was pretty coll in fairness but it was insanely sensitive and it had a certain knack to it so it wasn’t stricktly like playing a guitar but pretty close. There is actually a video on YouTube of me playing it at a Fuzzy Empire (band I was in) gig at the Royal Opera House in Dublin, you can find it below: