YouTube People Who Use Hardware..that I like

So I have been a bit out of the loop the last couple of years as the onset of fatherhood (which I love) has taken up most of my time. I recently came back to making music (I hope to start posting tunes again at some point) and my mindset is pretty much as I left it in so much as  I am still finding a computer to be a sterlile and uninspiring way to make music. Don’t get me wrong most of the music I have ever made has been Ableton and plugins but in my old age I just can’t do it anymore. 

I bought a Push 2 and Ableton 10 recently to try and get back into it, made a few loops I liked and then when it came to arranging it I just felt so bored. I then bought an Octatrack MK 1 (third one I’ve bought) and loved it all over again.  

I have looked around on YouTube for smiliarly minded folk and have found the following kindred spirits: