The Computer in Electronic Music

Every time I see someone perform on stage with their laptop a little piece of me dies.

Don't get me wrong, I played many gigs using a computer, but I did try and make sure that I played all the parts i..e that things could go wrong if I messed up and it would be audible to the audience. It has gotten better over the last few years but I played gigs with loads of people that were up there launching clips in Ableton. The most irritating thing was how they postured around making movements that suggested all of this music was under the control of their fingertips to the most granular level. The reality being of course that they're just launching a bunch of loops and short of a computer crash, very little can go wrong.

Computers are embedded into our daily lives, we use them to work, so socialise, to book holidays, to order food, to manager our bank affairs etc. Do we really need to go go to a gig for some escapism and watch some dude up there behind a laptop?

I get that many pieces of music hardware are essentially scaled down computers with one specific function but they at least remove the visual aids and immediate sync that DAW's offer, and to my point above visually it is more liberating for an audience to look at versus someone who might be checking his email whilst he performs.

Music used to be about skill and riding through the chaos, now it appears to be about managing those risks.