I am in my late thirties and rapidly approaching 40 (sob). I have a time intensive job and a wife and young son who are the centre of my world. I have been obsessed with music since I was a kid but don't really get as much time do do it as a I used to.

This website is really like a scrapbook to me, I hope one day my son can see some of the stuff on here when he is older and see that maybe I was cool once rather than the absolute embarrassment I am sure I will become.

The earlier tunes on here were made with pain staking effort and countless hours, some of them were released on small labels (Point Blank and Clubstream) and many of the tunes got airplay on radio stations including BBC in the UK and RTE in Ireland. As above I don't really have the time to dedicate to painstakingly craft a tune like that anymore and I also find it a bit too much like work to be fun. I have in recent years therefore shifted to more live type recordings as they are quicker to produce and more fun and interesting to me.

I will also use the site to blog about music and any other stuff I find interesting. Like I say its a scrapbook to me, I'm just using it to record stuff not gain any traction but if you do stumble across this site I hope you enjoy it.